A Place I Call Home

Years ago, as manager of the Angel of the Sea Bed & Breakfast, I had started a blog about Cape May, listing places and events I thought our guests, as well as others, might find interesting. It was fun trying out new restaurants and shops and then writing about it.

Since I started working for MAC (Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities) a year ago, I’ve thought about writing again about this town I call home. As guests come through the Physick Estate and Carriage House, I frequently hear them talk about wishing they could move to Cape May or telling me how lucky I am to live here.

I AM lucky to live here and each day I realize just how much. Hopefully, I can share a little bit of Cape May with others out there.

Craft Beer & Crab Festival


Each year MAC’s Cape May Craft Beer & Craft Festival seems to get bigger and better. After a couple of rough starts in its first years — running out of food and beer — the festival, now in its fourth year seems to have reached its stride.

This year there were more vendors than ever and the crowds continued to grow throughout the day.

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West End Garage

west_end_1If you’re looking for something to do on a not-so-great-beach-day in Cape May, like today, why not head on over to the West End Garage?  With over 50 stores and 60 plus vendors, this incredible retail space across from Wilbraham Park is a shopper’s paradise.

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Do You Moringa?


I finally had a chance yesterday to check out the new Michael Kara store on Washington Street.  A small, clean retail space with modern design it offers a wide selection of food items including fresh local produce, a variety of oils, spreads, salsas, breads and fresh store brand hummus and Tzatziki Sauce.

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The town is known for its collection of Victorian homes and businesses. Take a break from the beach and see some.

Source: The charming homes of Cape May, N.J. | Dallas Morning News


makers_2Seems like new businesses are popping up all over Cape May. Along with the addition of Coffee at the Carriage House, there is Fins (previously the Pilot House), 609 Store & Spa, Michael Kara Store, Makers Making on the Washington Street Mall, That’s Amore, Peace Pie, Yozu II, Quincy’s Original Lobster Roll, Exit Zero Cookhouse. The list goes on and on.

I’m hoping to visit some, if not all, of these in the coming weeks.

Early Morning Wake Up

Carriage_CoffeeFor those of you like me, living or staying on the eastern end of Cape May, getting a cup of morning Joe  usually meant walking or biking over to the Texas Avenue WaWa.  Well, all of that changed a month or so ago, when MAC introduced Coffee at the Carriage House.

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